How to: Use an airconditioner in Japan

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In Japan, the airconditioning is something that you can't live without during Summer. In Japanese, the airconditioning unit itself is called "eakon" (エアコン, eakon), and the remote controller is called "rimokon" (リモコン, rimokon). The remote control is usually mounted on the wall near the airconditioner unit or hidden behind curtains in hotels.

However, these remote controls do have buttons with Japanese descriptions. Below you can find the most common descriptions and their meanings to help you prevent using the heater instead of cooling!

Basic remote controls:

Japanese Hiragana Translation
いり (Turn unit) On, In
きり (Turn unit) Off
冷房 れいぼう Cooling
暖房 だんぼう Heating
除湿 じょしつ Dehumidify (may also see this as ドライ)
自動 じどう Automatic
- おやすみ (Good) night, timer

More advanced remote controls:

Japanese Hiragana Translation
温度 おんど Temperature (Celsius)
ハイパワー - High power, it will blow on high speed.
スイング - Swing (the fan will swing up and down)
you might also see swing as 上下風向 (上 - up 下 - down)
風向 かざむき or ふうこう Direction of the "wind" (the fan)
ランドリー - Laundry option, you can use this if you want to dry your laundry in the room.
省パワー しょうパワー Energy saving mode
風量切換 ふうりょう きりかえ "Wind" (fan) strength, amount of air flow
送風 そうふう Ventilate, it will not turn on the air condition function but just blow air.
強風 きょうふう Strong, high (fan, wind)
弱風 じゃくふう Weak, low (fan, wind)
微風 びふう Very low, breeze
静音 せいおん Quiet mode
運転 うんてん Operate
運転モード うんてんモード Operation mode
タイマー - Timer

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