Minoo waterfall

Meiji no Mori Minō Kokutei Kōen (明治の森箕面国定公園) is a Quasi-National Parkin Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It was founded on 11 December 1967 and has an area of 9.6 km². 

The park is located on Mt Minō in Ōsaka Prefecture. Its grounds encompasse 963 ha of lower mountain slope and forest and reside at relatively low altitudes of 100 m to 600m.

Geologically, sedimentary rocks from the Mesozoic Era dominate the geology of the location with ccasional outcroppings of granite and diorite. The tomb of Kaijyo, the founding monk of Katsuō-ji Temple built in 765, is located inside of the park.

Despite its proximity to the Metropolitan Osaka Area, the park is inhabited by 1,300 plant species and 3,500 insect species. The location is also known as a paradise for a large population of birds, animals, fish, and little creatures, as well as monkeys, which are protected by law. The Tōkai Nature Trail, which starts at Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi-National Park, ends here.

How to get there

From Minoo Station:
Walk straight north. 

From Umeda in central Osaka:
Take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Hankyu Umeda Station to Ishibashi Sation (15 minutes) and transfer to the Hankyu Minoo Line to Minoo Station (5 minutes). The entire one way trip takes about 25 minutes, costs 270 yen and is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass. 


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