Lesson 68 - I'm sorry

For this topic, we will learn a new verb and a new form to go with it-- iimasu, which means to say and can be used with dialogue. For example, Kare wa "Gomen nasai" to iimashita would be he said, "I'm sorry". It is a relatively easy concept and you can put whatever you desire into the quotations.

Let's learn some new vocabulary while we apply this new sentence. Now we are going to have Miyuu calling her mother.

Miyuu: Okaasan! Miyuu desu.
Okaasan: Miyuu-chan! Yuuto-san no uchi ni imasu ka?
Miyuu: Ee... kono uchi wa hiroi desu!
Okaasan: Sou desu ka?
Miyuu: Nikai ni wa takusan no shinshitsu ga arimasu. Ikkai ni wa ima ya daidokoro ya ofuroba ga arimasu.
Okaasan: Kirei desu ka?
Miyuu: Taihan kirei desu.
Okaasan: Sore dewa, nani o shimashita ka?
Miyuu: Eeto ... Kinou uchi ni tsuite, kuruma o orimashita. Yuuto-san wa "Kore wa boku no uchi desu!" to iimashita. Haitte, kaidan ni ikimashita. Watashi no heya wa nikai ni arimasu.
Okaasan: Heya wa ii desu ka?
Miyuu: Ee. Ookii BEDDO ga arimasu. Yuuto-san wa "Asagohan wa kujihan desu. Hayaku okite kudasai!" to iimashita. Heya o demashita. Watashi wa ofuroba ni itte, nuide, ofuro ni hairmashita. Atatakakatta desu. Soshite, nemashita.
Okaasan: Tsukaremashita ka?
Miyuu: Hai, taihen tsukaremashita. Tsugi no asa ni Yuuto-san no kazoku to asagohan o tabemashita. SARADA ya tamago ya TOOSUTO o tabemasu. Oishikatta desu! Yuuto-san no okaasan wa "Suki desu ka?" to iimashita. Watashi wa "Hai! Daisuki desu." to iimashita.
Okaasan: SARADA wa ii deshou.
Miyuu: Ato de, Yuuto-san to TEREBI de NYUUSU o mimashita. Demo, hito wa hayaku hanashimashita! Zenzen wakarimasen deshita.
Okaasan: Dame desu ne.
Miyuu: Hai. Soshite, Yuuto san wa "Kaimono ni ikitai desu ka?" to iimashita. Watashi wa "Hai!" to iimashita.
Okaasan: Ikimashita ka?
Miyuu: Iie ... watashi no okane o wasurete kimashita. Sagashimashita ga arimasen deshita.
Okaasan: Hontou ni! Dame desu!
Miyuu: Yuuto-san wa "Okane o oboemasen deshita? Daijoubu desu! Soredewa ikimasen." to iimashita.
Okaasan: Yuuto-san wa ii otoko no ko desu ne.
Miyuu: Sou desu. Sorekara motto TEREBI o mite, KOOHII o nomimashita. Satou to gyuunyuu o iremashita. Oishikatta desu.
Okaasan: Tanoshikatta desu ka?
Miyuu: Hai.
Okaasan: Yokatta desu.

Let's get into the translation.
Miyuu calls up her mother and she asks, "Are you in Yuuto's house?"
Miyuu replies, "Yes.. this house is spacious!"
Her mother says really and Miyuu continues, "On the second floor there are many bedrooms. On the first floor, there is a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom."
Her mom asks if it is pretty and Miyuu replies it is very pretty.
Her mother asks what she did and Miyuu replies, "Well... yesterday we arrived at the house and got out of the car. Yuuto said 'This is my house!' We entered and went to the stairway. My room is on the second floor."
Her mother asks if her room was nice and Miyuu replies, "Yes. I have a big bed.
Yuuto said, 'Breakfast is at 9:30. Please wake up early!' He left my room. I went to the bathroom, undressed, and entered the bath. It was warm. Then I went to sleep."
Her mother asks if she was tired and Miyuu says, "Yes, I was very tired. The next morning I ate breakfast with Yuuto's family. We ate salad, eggs, and toast. It was delicious!
Yuuto's mother said, 'Do you like it?'
I said, 'Yes! I really like it.'"
Her mother says salad sounds good.
Miyuu replies, "Afterwards, I watched the news on the TV with Yuuto. But, the person was talking quickly! I didn't understand at all."
Her mother comments that is not good.
Miyuu continues, "Yes. Then Yuuto said, 'Do you want to go shopping?' I said, 'Yes!'"
Her mother asked if she went but she says, "No... I forgot to take my money. I searched for it, but it was not there."
Her mother says, "Really? That's bad!"
Miyuu continues, "Yuuto said, 'You did not remember money? That's all right! Then we won't go.'"
Mother comments that Yuuto is a nice boy and Miyuu agrees.
She continues to say, "Then we watched more TV and drank coffee. We put in sugar and milk. It was delicious."
Her mother asks if it was fun, and when Miyuu says yes, she says, "I'm relieved."

Vocabulary Review
言います Iimasu- to say
折ります Orimasu- to get off/get out of
二回 Nikai- second floor
一回 Ikkai- first floor
会談 Kaidan- stairway
脱ぎます Nugimasu- to undress/take off
サラダ SARADA- salad
卵 Tamago- egg
トースト TOOSUTO- toast
ぜんぜん Zenzen- not at all
忘れます Wasuremasu- to forget
探します Sagashimasu- to search
覚えます Oboemasu- to remember
佐藤 Satou- sugar
牛乳 Gyuunyuu- milk
入れます Iremasu- to put in