Lesson 34 - I'll meet Kyo

The verb aimasu means "to meet". Of course, like most verbs you have learned, you will probably think first that you mark the object by o, right? Wrong. The person you are meeting is actually an indirect object, not a direct. Therefore, it is marked by a ni instead of an o. For example, if you want to say "I'll meet Kyo", you would say Kyo san ni aimasu. The verb aimasu gets the same verb endings as the rest of the masu verbs, but you just have to remember to use it with ni. Let's add some new words to our vocabulary. Snow is yuki and is not an adjective-- it is used like ameKiri is fog, shimo is frost, kaze is wind, and kaminari is thunder. The only new adjective is akarui, which is bright. Since this topic is fairly easy, a sample conversation is not needed.

Vocabulary Review
会いますAimasu- to meet
雪 Yuki- snow
霧 Kiri- fog
霜 Shimo- frost
風 Kaze- wind
雷 Kaminari- thunder
明るい Akarui- bright