Lesson 25 - Your number?

The Japanese word for telephone number is denwa bangou. To ask someone for their telephone number, you would say Anata no denwa bangou wa nan desu ka.

The way to say phone number is very simple. Say someone's phone number was 221-4894. You would say it Ni ni ichi no yon hachi kyuu yon. The no is used as the dash, for it is saying that the last four digits belong to that area.
Let's have a conversation between a male and a female who had just met each other. Let's call them Michiru and Yaten.

Michiru: Anata no denwa bangou wa nan desu ka.
Yaten: Watashi no denwa bangou wa san san kyuu no ichi go roku roku. Anata wa.
Michiru: Kyuu ichi nana no nana roku san ni.
Yaten: Doumo.
Michiru: Dou itashimashite. Ja mata.
Yaten: Ja mata, Michiru san.

In this dialogue, Michiru asks Yaten for his phone number. Yaten replies that his phone number is 339-1566. He then asks for hers as well. She replies that hers is 917-7632. Yaten replies "Thank you" and she replies Dou itashimashite, which means "Don't mention it". It is similar to the way we say you're welcome. Please note that the difference between Anata no denwa bangou and just saying Denwa bangou is that the first means your telephone number and the second means the telelphone number.


Vocabulary Review
電話番号 Denwa bangou - telephone number
どういたしまして Dou itashimashite - Don't mention it