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    buy international health insurance in Hong Kong

    1. Increased demand for international quality private care

    Many of the locations which ranked highest for international health insurance costs, are also the most popular expat destinations. These locations have seen an increase in demand for healthcare which is on a par to that of an expat’s home country.
    Local populations, whose wealth is increasing, are also driving the demand for better quality healthcare and insurance to cover it.

    2. Increased cost of health care

    Possibly the largest influencer of the cost of international health insurance is the increasing cost of health care. This is corroborated by Pacific Primes Individual Private Medical Insurance Inflation Report which found that the major driver behind premium inflation is in fact the cost of health care.

    3. Increased regulation
    Increased implementation of health insurance regulations in many countries is impacting the cost of health insurance and the products offered.
    Regulations in some countries, such as the UAE, are significantly impacting premiums as minimum health insurance coverage is being mandated for the likes of pre-existing conditions and maternity both of which are incredibly costly.

    4. Continuing challenges related to fraud
    Healthcare fraud is extremely common, and the evidence would suggest that it is increasing globally. In a 2014 report, BDO found that, “Since 2008, global average fraud and error losses in healthcare have risen 25% from 5.59% of expenditure to 6.99% [in 2014].”
    While insurance providers take measures to reduce fraud, the rising incidence of fraud globally is inevitably having an impact on the cost of international health insurance.

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    5 Web Design Tips You Can't Ignore in 2022

    Whichever type of business you run, having a clean, user-friendly website is critical. Your business site not only serves as the digital home base for your business and product line, but also anchors your entire digital marketing approach, giving a central hub to point toward and connect customers with your brand and business. Delivering a poor website experience can hinder those efforts and sever those connections before they even start.

    UAE being the business hub for people around the globe makes the market competition very high leaving no room to be left behind. Hence, website design UAE also plays an important role in the business development process.

    Five Web Design Tips for UAE Businesses

    Here are five web design tips for turning your site into an online customer conversion dynamo in 2022 from the experts web design agency UAE.

    Build your site for first impressions

    When it comes to helpful web design tips, first impressions still make the top of the list. That's because what users interact with immediately after loading your site lays the groundwork for the entire experience. And if your web design isn't delivering the goods in those crucial opening seconds, you're not only losing new visitors but opportunities to create a powerful and positive brand memory that generates interest and sales down the road.

    The truth is there are many factors that impact those critical first impressions, and working with web designers that appreciate those factors is key to creating an appealing professional website. Visual elements like structure, colors and spacing often play a significant role in website design Dubai field to appeal. At the same time, seemingly mundane features like text layout and even the fonts you use have a very real effect on-site experience and engagement.

    To build a successful website that pops from the get-go, it's important to focus on:

    Simplicity. Users tend to prefer simple, straightforward web designs over the complex. The easier it is to absorb and engage with the visual elements on your web pages, the better.
    Familiarity. From stock photos and headers to logos and CTAs, all visual elements on your site should meet visitor expectations and provide visual cues as to what you do and offer. Including unfamiliar images and elements often only leads to confusion, and, ultimately, a negative brand impression.
    Accuracy. Whether it's a seasoned pro or a team of newbie web designers tackling your project, populating your site with brand-accurate visual elements is web design 101. All features should be consistent and accurately reflect your brand throughout your site.

    Optimize each page for mobile users
    You can't create a web design tips list these days without putting mobile optimization near the top. Why? Because mobile matters in 2022. So much so, in fact, that nearly 80% of people say they're more likely to return to your site or share it with others if it's mobile-friendly. If your web designer isn't focused on building a good and responsive website for mobile, your business is missing an easy opportunity to generate repeat visits and spread the word about your brand.

    This can mean anything from including only essential visual cues (logos, menu, CTAs, buttons) throughout your mobile site to focusing on eye-catching fonts, making your text and service pages more scannable, and resizing page elements for easier user interaction.

    Maximize your load times
    A slow website can quickly become your worst enemy, often making it impossible to keep prospects on board and nudge them closer to the point of purchase. Like it or not, today's savvy, seasoned site visitors expect websites to load fast, and if your homepage or blogs aren't popping up quickly, they're likely going elsewhere to find what they need.

    In other words, a website's loading time is an important, if not essential, part of any practical and responsive design effort. It has an indelible impact on the visitor experience and, ultimately, your ability to convert. Understanding how fast your pages load and how to optimize those loading times isn't just one of thosepart that you can ignore. Website design agency Abu Dhabi like Point Blanc Media, that gives tips you can gloss over or ignore. It's a critical part of the web designer's job, and should always be a top priority when building a site design that shines.

    Focus on the personalized user experience
    Creating a web design that attracts the largest possible audience is, well, important. But it's the ability to deliver personalized shopping experiences that really sets good web design apart. Incorporating shopper personalization techniques into and across your own site design is how you go beyond the standard digital marketing approach to make a genuine connection, providing users the tailored, relevant content and experience that bolsters sentiment and compels action.

    With companies like Amazon and other popular e-commerce websites now outfitted for hyper-personalization, many shoppers now expect and demand a tailored experience during each new visit. That makes personalization an integral part of any web design effort.

    Don't forget the SEO
    Designing a beautiful, user-friendly website that delivers an exceptional visitor experience is great. Unless, of course, your customers aren't able to find it.

    Online visibility is key not only to making your website easy to find but also to getting that site in front of customers when they need it most. By making SEO a central part of your web design strategy, you can help provide the push it needs to shine in search engines and generate the user engagement rates that keep it at the top.

    Understandably, there's often a disconnect between the work of web design and the world of SEO, with many a web designer consigning SEO to the realm of digital marketing and content generation, and vice versa. Yet, there are many things designers can do to provide a powerful visibility lift right from the start.

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