This game wants me to hate it every single time I think about it. Anyway, I have a long history with this title so 3 years ago when I gave it a second chance I ran into the same issue which I have no idea how I solved.

Basically, you put the disc in, go in-game, and it's one of the two options: it will either say it can't be played and ask me to close the application or it will start the install which to a T always shuts the application off at 53.3%. I looked up so many solutions hoping to remember what was it that made it go past this issue.

I tried:
Deleting, cleaning my ps4 database, restoring licenses, clearing ps4 cache, turning the wifi off, stopping the 1.08 patch download before the game install...I'm just at a point where ill throw the disc. The worst is this isn't anything new as ppl have similar issues with other EA games...FIFA, madden, etc all from 2015-2017 some of us run into these issues.