If you are a RuneScape gamer, you know that there are different schools of thought as well as differences in opinion when it comes to which version of the game is better and more enjoyable. There are some gamers that think Old School RuneScape 2007 is the best version of the game while others enjoy RuneScape 3 more. There are distinct differences between the two games so in some ways it really depends on the gamer to decide which version is the one they like the best.

If you are someone who enjoys great graphics, then RuneScape 3 will be the best option for you, as it is the newer version of the game and therefore has better features when it comes to gaming graphics. You also have more options in RuneScape 3 when choosing which monster to fight against compared to Old School RuneScape (OSRS) which is limited in options. RuneScape 3 offers some other features that aren’t available in Old School RuneScape, or RuneScape 07 as it might be known to some of you. Those features include several more skills and quests as well as a more evolved combat system and more ways to level. There are also more frequent game updates and content. This makes sense as the game is the newer version of RuneScape and therefore will have more Jagex resources assigned to it. That said, there are a number of features in RS 2007 that appeal to players as well.

In Old School RuneScape, or RuneScape 2007, gamers enjoy that the game is simply more difficult. That is something that you will hear and see reiterated all over forums and other RuneScape community message boards such as Reddit. In RuneScape 07, it is simply harder to level skills than in RS3, which basically means that the game is just more challenging. There is also the idea that many players play RuneScape 07 for nostalgia. While it doesn’t have the same options and certainly doesn’t have the same number of updates or increased content, it brings out a sense of nostalgia for gamers that enjoyed the older versions of RuneScape back in the day. It brings back the times of playing games before the incredible graphics and features of today’s gaming. With RS 2007, you can also anticipate playing more player-vs-player gaming as there are more active users on OSRS than RS3. Another appealing feature of RuneScape 2007 is that much of the determination around gaming changes, features, and content updates come right from gamers via a polling system performed by Jagex. So gamers who prefer having control over their gaming experience and future updates typically like this feature of RuneScape 07 game.

Both versions of RuneScape are incredibly popular. At any given time, there are thousands upon thousands of players. For RuneScape 3, there have been 254,334,046 accounts created, a Guiness book of record. Clearly, this version of the game is a popular one. And with RuneScape 2007, or Old School RuneScape, at this very moment, there are 53,407 people playing the game. So, at any given time, you will find that there are a great number of gamers playing either version of RuneScape and it really just depends on your personal preferences in gaming and features as to which version you prefer to play. That said, many players just choose to engage in both games, as there are such different features available between the two. If you play both versions, you get to experience what both of them have to offer. So which one you will choose?

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