"RuneScape" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and produced by Jagex Games Studio. It is a real web JAVA online game that can be installed and run with only Java controls. The game was once popular in Canada, the United States and other places. It is a free web game second only to World of Warcraft in popularity. Now Jagex announced that the game "RuneScape" will soon usher in the mobile version of "RS Mobile".Buy RS Gold from RS3gold.

The "RS Mobile" game belongs to the mobile version of the "RuneScape" series of games. It can realize interoperability between PC and mobile phone, allowing players to use the same account, inherit all the equipment skills and RS Gold in the account, and seamlessly connect between PC and mobile phone. . The game belongs to mobile RPG and adventure games, which are the fastest growing categories in mobile games.

In addition, Jagex announced that it will launch the "RS NEXT GEN" game in the future, which belongs to the next generation of the "RuneScape" game. The game is built on ground-breaking and innovative technology that can achieve dynamic world synchronization and narration; A large number of investigations have captured the essence of the "RuneScape" series of games in the 16 years of operation. The new screen design and easy-to-use gameplay settings are adopted to meet the needs of modern gamers for MMORPG games.

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