Today we are going to talk about the OSRS Devious Minds quest. In this quest guide, I’m going to show you how to complete the OSRS Devious Minds quest. First, let me tell you what you can expect from this quest.

Right from the start, you will be thrown in a plot against the clergy of Entrana. If you are confused now, don’t worry, just wait until you complete the OSRS Devious Minds quest. Besides, if you have been playing OSRS for a long time you should not be surprised by this, I’m sorry for the new players but you will understand it soon.

Skill Requirements

The quest requirements that need to be completed before starting this one are Wanted!, Recruitment Drive, Troll Stronghold, Enter the Abyss mini-quest and Doric’s Quest.

65 Smithing
50 Runecraft
50 Fletching

Items Needed For OSRS Devious Minds Quest

Mithril 2h sword
Bow string
Non-degraded large pouch
Falador teleports
Lumberyard teleports, a Digsite pendant or a Dramen/Lunar staff
Amulet of glory or Paddewwa teleports
Weight reducing clothing
1 stamina potion
Food, disposable pickaxe

The Monk

To start this quest you must go to the entrance of Paterdomus (or Temple of Saradomin) located east of Varrock. You can reach the temple by walking east from the Digsite teleport, the ruins of the earth altar, or the Lumberyard teleport.

Talk with the Monk, who will require a new, stronger weapon for a certain group of warriors, to secure more victories. He wants you to make a bow-sword. To make this bow-sword, take a mithril 2h sword to Doric’s house, just north of Falador, and use it on the whetstone inside to make a slender blade, then attach a bow string to it to make the bow-sword.

When you’ve made the bow-sword, make your way back to the monk. Give the bow-sword to the Monk and he will need one more favor. A special ceremony will be held on the island of Entrana, though unfortunately the monk cannot attend it and he wants to give them a special present to mark the occasion.

The Surprise

He gives you an orb to deliver to the church in Entrana. But for the surprise to work, you must sneak into the church and not be seen entering the island. He advises using the realm of the Abyss to get to the law altar on Entrana.

He also wants you to keep the orb hidden from the realm to avoid it from being damaged. To do this, hide the orb in a large pouch. The Large pouches can only be obtained from abyssal leeches, guardians and walkers found within the Abyss.

The pouch is only dropped if you have all the pouches below it. You do not need to have the Runecraft level (50) for it to be dropped, but it is required to use it. Make your way to the runecrafting abyss and from the abyss, we need to go to the law runecrafting altar.

Which is on Entrana so make sure to bank your weapons or armour before going there. Once you’ve made it to the inner circle of the abyss, run in clockwise and exit through the law rift. Then go south to exit and go to Entrana, keep running south until you reach the church.

Use your large pouch on the altar and this will start a cutscene. The monks are walking towards the altar to begin the ceremony, one of them holding a mysterious relic, when suddenly an Assassin wielding the bow-sword teleports in, swiftly kills the monks and steals the relic!

It turns out that the orb you delivered was a teleportation item using ancient magic, which allowed the assassin to sneak into the holy island, unhindered. After the cutscene, talk to the High Priest, who’ll forgive for it not being your fault and tell you to return to the monk at Paterdomus to investigate.

But when you go back to the Paterdomus temple, you will see the monk you helped is gone, replaced by a Dead Monk. Searching the body reveals that he has been killed by powerful magic, and is not the same person you spoke to earlier.

Go back to Entrana and speak with the High Priest again. When hearing about the strange events, he asks you to contact Sir Tiffy Cashien at the Falador Park. Locate Sir Tiffy sitting on a bench in Falador Park and tell him about the incident. He too seems puzzled and promises to investigate with his Temple Knights resources.
Rewards For Completion Of OSRS Devious Minds

1 Quest point
5,000 Fletching exp
5,000 Runecraft exp
6,500 Smithing exp

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