Cogito has started the image annotation service to make machine learning process easier to recognize the pictures and images for different computer vision needs. It is specializes in image annotation technology and image annotation deep learning services to mark the images with different types of annotation tools with pixel-perfect marking of images.

What is Image Annotation Service?

The image annotation is the process of marking the pictures to highlight or label the contents and make it easily recognizable for machines. There are various processes to annotate pictures as per the needs of the users. Cogito is specialized in image recognition for different fields like hospitals, ecommerce and automobiles to provide the large datasets of annotated images.

What types of image annotations are done by Cogito?

Cogito is providing image annotation service in different formats as per the userís requirement. Cogito is providing image annotation in different formats like 2D & 3D Bounding Box Annotation, Polygonal Annotation, Line & Splines Annotation, Cuboid Annotation, Point & Dot Annotation and Landmark Annotation using the right tool and API for best results.

How Cogito Annotate Pictures?

For image recognition search, Cogito follows the most suitable process like tagging and sorting into different categories with the right classification that also helps us to easily find or retrieve the images anytime when needed in near future. Along with human efforts, Cogito also use the best quality tools and techniques to annotate images as per the customerís needs to deliver a high-quality annotation service to varied customers.

Why Image Annotation Outsourcing with Cogito?

Cogito has established a brand image in imaging solution for annotation of images used for machine learning as a training data. Cogito has highly skilled and experienced professionals to recognize the images with best accuracy to make it useable with maximum benefits. Cogito works with turnaround time and ensure the safety of data and privacy of users to deliver a completely reliable and productive image annotation service at flexible pricing.

About Cogito

Cogito is complete solution for high-quality training data to be used in machine learning for artificial intelligence related various needs. Cogito is involved in Data collection, Data categorization and Data enrichment services for different needs. Cogito also provides various services like, audio video transcription, visual search, content moderation, healthcare training, virtual assistant training, contact center services, image annotation, medical imaging services for healthcare sector and other industries at affordable pricing.