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    Cool Back-on - ニブンノイチ

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    Nice song .

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    Not my taste me, nor suited to my preferences. o-o I prefer 'Girls day'
    And their signle; Something

    I don't know though, maybe they are good.. I oughta watch their entire album before I could lay my opinion down. But as for now I cant grasp anything out of this music video; what is it about? To who(m) are they singing to? I can't find all of that here. z.z

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    Is this Gundam Breaker's opening ?
    Been a while since I last heard this, one of the best OT's !

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    that's awesome O~O/

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    Sounds good. xD
    Is it pop punk?

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    Very nice! What's the band name?

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    that's nice I like it keep posting amazing songs
    - Dragon Ball Zone, Your Daily Dosis of Dragon Ball Videos

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