Lesson 22 - Like/Hate

A new particle you will partly learn about now is gaGa is used with emotions and isused as a subject marker, similar to wa, except you can have a wa and a ga in the same sentence. In order to say I like ... let's say, apples, you would say Ringo ga suki desu, with suki desu being like. To say you hate, replace suki desu with kirai desu, and to merely say dislike, you would say suki janai desu or suki dewa arimasen.
Let's have a sample conversation between Jun and Andi.

Jun: Konban wa, Andi kun.
Andi: Konban wa, Jun kun. Ogenki desu ka.
Jun: Okage sama de, genki desu. Anata wa.
Andi: Genki desu. Nani ga suki desu ka.
Jun: Neko ga suki desu.
Andi: Sou desu ka. Inu ga suki desu. Neko ga kirai desu.
Jun: Neko ga kirai desu ka. Inu ga suki janai desu.
In this conversation, Andi asks Jun what he likes. Jun replies that he likes cats. Andi then says, "Really? I like dogs. I hate cats." Jun then replies, "Do you hate cats? I dislike dogs."

Vocabulary Review
...が好きです ... ga suki desu- I like...
...が嫌いです ... ga kirai desu- I hate...
...が好きじゃないです/...が好きではありません ... ga suki janai desu/ga suki dewa arimasen- I dislike...