Lesson 11 - Goodbye

There are three different ways you can say goodbye: SayonaraSayounara, and Ja mataSayanora is used when you feel you won't see the other person for a long period of time. You shouldn't use it on family members unless you don't plan on seeing them again. Sayounara is used to your school principal or on a formal occasion. Ja mata is just like us saying "See you later". Ja means "Well then" or "In that case" and mata means "again".

You already know that Arigatou gozaimasu is a way to say thank you. Doumo is the more informal way of saying "Thanks", more used between friends.

さよなら Sayonara Goodbye
さようなら Sayounara Goodbye (formal)
じゃ Ja Well then / in that case
また Mata   Again
 じゃまた Ja mata  See you later!